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North Raleigh Chiropractor Practices What He Teaches

Welcome To Chiropractic Works

For over a decade, patients have found that Chiropractic Works helps them achieve the health they are looking for. Dr. Randy Murray, certified in the Webster Technique, understands that feeling better is the proof people need to understand that chiropractic care can often help where “modern” medicine fails. Dr. Murray believes so strongly in chiropractic that he practices what he teaches – getting adjusted regularly, getting adequate exercise and eating right.

Our staff genuinely cares about your good health. They know your name and do their utmost to schedule appointments that are convenient to you and so you get the care you need.

Nature Has It Figured Out

Specializing in sports injuries, Dr. Murray explains, “The human body is smarter than we give it credit for. When we remove nervous system interference, the body is able to heal itself. Nature knows how everything should work and often what we need to do is get out of the way.”

It’s All Connected | Chiropractic Works Makes It All Work Together

Whatever your symptoms, all parts of your body are connected. That’s why chiropractic can help with so many varieties of ailments. Searching for a chiropractor can be challenging – but Chiropractic Works is the one who will put your health objectives first. Visit our frequently asked questions and then give us a call today to get started.

Dr. Randy Murrary | Chiropractor, North Raleigh NC | Phone: (919) 865-6900