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Meet Dr. William Randall Murray, D.C., CCSP(R) Certified Sports Chiropractor

The Path to Chiropractic Care

Chiropractor in North Raleigh, Dr. Randy Murray and his daughter.

Dr. Randy Murray with his daughter, Brenna

The pain kept coming back, and lasted longer and longer each time. Maybe “modern” medicine wasn’t working- but what would work?

You know the children’s song, “the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone…”? Well, it turns out that my knee bone is connected to my backbone. After three knee surgeries and a lot of physical therapy, I now had a weak knee and an aggravated low back.

My doctors treated each symptom-the muscle spasms in my back, the weak muscles in my knee-but wasn’t there something bigger here? Something that explained how they were all connected? It got me thinking-my future career was in healthcare, but I wasn’t sure what kind. In my college studies I began to realize that our scientific knowledge of the body-and “medicine” isn’t as precise as we would like. It came to me that maybe nature already has it figured out-and that the body is smarter than we sometimes give it credit for.

A Lifetime Partnership

While taking a career survey I found I identified strongly with chiropractors. As I began researching the field, I connected with the philosophy. As I met practicing chiropractors, I found their enthusiasm was contagious and their results were compelling. Like so many other people, feeling better was the proof I needed. My lifetime partnership with chiropractic had begun, and I’m proud to share the journey with you.

An Education in Chiropractic

I received a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I then attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia and officially became a Chiropractor. Life University was the largest chiropractic school in the country at that time and had a hugely diverse student body including international students and several championship-caliber athletic teams. I thrived on the diversity of classes, students and faculty. I graduated in December 2000, with Summa Cum Laude honors and as the Salutatorian of my class. I became a certified Sports Chiropractor to help athletes achieve their best wellness possible!

Outside of the Practice

I’m a native North Carolinian from Knightdale. I currently live in North Raleigh with my wife, Michelle, and our three kids, Brenna, Katie, and Ben. I’m an avid reader and enjoy almost all outdoors activities and sports.

I try to practice all that I teach. I’m personally amazed every time I get adjusted with just how much better I feel when I’m aligned.

I’m currently spending a lot of my free time coaching my children’s soccer teams. I’m an assistant coach on the older daughter’s Challenge level soccer team and the head coach of the younger one’s. Family is extremely important to me and is a priority in my life. I’ve participated in The YMCA’s Guides programs with both daughters and son which includes meetings, outings, camping trips, and ceremonies. Personally I enjoy a variety of activities outdoors including golf, fishing, and camping. I’m an avid reader of fiction (mainly fantasy/sci-fi) and non-fiction. I still have time to enjoy the antics of my kids. They constantly reminds me of the wonder of life and amazing qualities we all possess.

Learn More About Dr. Murray

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